Great food sourced and produced locally matters!

Our products are designed to be good right from the start.
You will love our commitment to excellence as well.

Sweet Cream Butters

Sweet, creamy, goodness - in so many flavors

Our Sweet Cream Butter is mild and creamy in flavor and carefully churned in small batches using pasteurized heavy cream until the buttermilk separates from the butterfat.  The buttermilk is then gently rinsed away leaving a high quality creamy butter.  Our butter is higher in fat content (86%) and lower in milk solids, which makes it a higher quality creamy butter. The proof is in the deep yellow, all-natural color.  It's the perfect choice for the professional baker or anyone that appreciates high quality ingredients.

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Creamline Milk

Fresh, Local, Natural - Go back to a simpler time...

Creamline Milk is milk as it’s meant to be enjoyed! Its rich and luscious natural favor is preserved through minimal processing and takes you back to a simpler time. We bottle our milk directly after pasteurization and eliminate the homogenization process. We don’t homogenize our milk because not only does non-homogenized milk taste better but studies have shown that it can be healthier for you too - and that’s what we’re all about! Just make sure you give it a quick shake before enjoying!

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Whole Milk Yogurt

Clean tasting European style yogurts.

Our whole milk creamline yogurt looks different because it is differnt!  This simple European style yogurt avoids the stablizers and thickeners that are common in most other yogurts.  The result is a clean tasting, cream-on-top yogurt with a slightly tangy flavor and marbled texture that just needs a quick stir before enjoying.

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Farm Fresh Cheese

Made in small batches and delivered fresh!

Our delicious farm fresh cheese curds are made from fresh pasteurized but non-homogenized milk and then hand milled using traditional practices. The firm yet stretchy texture and mild cheddar taste will take you back to a simpler time.

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