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Real People, Real World, Real Meeting

Welcome to Lyons Falls, NY… 1 square mile…576 people…and boundless potential…at least that how I see it.

James Munn

Sabbatical Years

I grew up here, and like many of our young people I left after graduation. Higher education, professional life…really it all amounted to a 20 year sabbatical. But the North Country never left my mind.

When you think about the North Country…what comes to your mind?

Lyons Falls

Change in Mindset

We can notice and lament the loss of countless family farms. We can fondly reminisce about better days at the height of our pulp and paper industry. We can be thankful for, and embrace, the seasonal ebb and flow of commerce currently generated by recreation tourism.

Or…we can do more. That’s why I came home…to do more.

Black River Valley Natural

Adventure Begins

Our little company might not be the biggest employer in the county, or even in the town…but we are growing rapidly and organically because we believe in good people, we believe in good work, and we believe in this community.

We are good people making great products that you can happily and healthily share with your loved ones.

Growth Oriented

Growth Oriented

In the past year, we have added close to 20 new, unique and excellent products…more than doubling our product line.

We needed help, so we also doubled our staff…offering rewarding and equitable employment opportunities for people that we really believe in.

Deep Roots Market & Cafe

Our Own Storefront

We wanted to have a larger impact on our immediate community, so we dug deep and boot-strapped our new brick-and-mortar location, Deep Roots Market & Café in Lyons Falls, NY.

We’ve been busy.

James Munn Family

Just Getting Started

But believe me when I tell you that we’re just getting started.

Please learn about our company, our team, and our products. Get in touch… ask new questions, listen for new answers, and be ready to have a whole new level of enthusiasm and optimism for what lies ahead.

Lyons Falls, NY… 1 square mile…576 people…and a wealth of boundless potential…at least that how I see it.

~ James Munn ~