About Us

Processing and Distributing Locally Sourced Artisanal Foods

In Lewis County, NY, approximately 200 family-owned farms form the backbone of our rural economy, regional food system, and rich agricultural heritage.

Our Founding Vision

To provide our valued customers with premium quality dairy products while encouraging the development of a sustainable regional food system and strong rural economy within and for the Black River Valley while educating our customers and supporting a proud local agricultural heritage and legacy of our Lewis County family farm partners through a transparent focus on caring animal well-being practices, environmental stewardship, and responsible use of technology and modern production practices.

Our Mission

To establish and operate modern and environmentally friendly value-add dairy processing facility in Lewis County, NY with a strong focus on producing and distributing handcrafted locally sourced artisanal foods while showcasing our family farm partners as well as the rich agricultural heritage of the area and to be a source of sustainable economic growth, revitalization, and dignified employment for the Tug Hill Plateau, Black River Valley, and Adirondack Foothill regions.

Our Family Farm Partners

Our Farm Partners pledge a strong commitment to:

  • Producing a product that far exceeds federal quality standards
  • Respectful animal handling and feeding practices
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Responsible use of modern production practices
  • Full transparency and traceability in all steps of production from field to cow to your home

Sourcing Vision

Our vision is to create premium artisanal dairy based products in partnership with an elite group of farms committed to dignified animal handling and feeding practices, environmental stewardship, responsible use of modern production practices, and full transparency and traceability in all steps of production from field to cow to your home. It is our belief that practices and technologies approved for use in the food system should be embraced by producers and consumers for their positive impacts on animal well being, production efficiencies and the environment.

Our farm partners pledge a strong commitment to maintain:

An open door policy with customers and be highly involved in product promotion

  • Farms will be open for farm tours and open houses for customers and community education 
  • Maintain an aesthetically pleasing farmstead 
  • Member farms will participate in farmers markets, parades, and other events to promote their practices and product

Exceptional quality standards and deliver a product synergistic with processor needs

  • Emphasis on cleanliness of facilities and animals with a rolling herd average Somatic Cell Count under 200,000
  • Work with processor to determine key attributes of milk needed for target products (i.e. high milk fat)
  • Participate in annual continuing education events

A strong commitment to animal well being and environmental stewardship

  • Proactive, outcome based animal welfare program with annual third party review of performance
  • Annual Crop Management Plan utilizing New York State Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan (CNMP) standards and integrated pest management (IPM) practices
  • Farmstead environmental management consistent with the New York State Agricultural Environmental Management (NYS AEM) program practices