Black River Valley

Wholesome high quality natural dairy products produced as transparently and responsibly as possible.

Like you, we have our own families we love and want to provide the highest quality food to. That is why every batch of milk we process is seen as a work of art we're proud of, something special we can put on our table and present to our family and guests. We hope you will have the same experience when enjoying our products.

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Natural small batch, handmade, artisan dairy products that you'll love from farmers that care

We Believe in Our Lewis County Farms...

In Lewis County, NY, approximately 200 family-owned farms form the backbone of our rural economy, regional food system, and rich agricultural heritage.

At Black River Valley Natural, our vision is to partner with these family farms to provide our valued customers with premium handcrafted locally sourced artisan foods and to strengthen the connection between our farmers and customers. We seek to build trust and pride in our local food system through transparency and a strong focus on showcasing the caring animal well-being practices, environmental stewardship, and responsible use of technology and modern production practices employed by our family farm partners while paying them fairly to encourage and support responsible farming practices and to help continue the proud agricultural legacy of Lewis County and the Black River Valley. 

Our handcrafted products are designed to give you back the natural food you love.   One taste will tell the difference.


What Our Customers Are Saying...

"Just tried their butter for the first time. So delicious! The garlic & herb is so delightfully savory - it's like gourmet garlic bread without the work of putting all the ingredients together yourself. I also loved the maple brown sugar, which is sweet without being overpowering. Yum!"  - Katie P.