Sweet Cream Butters

Sweet, creamy, goodness - in so many flavors

Sweet Cream Butters

Our Sweet Cream Butter is mild and creamy in flavor and carefully churned in small batches using pasteurized heavy cream until the buttermilk separates from the butterfat.  The buttermilk is then gently rinsed away leaving a high quality creamy butter.  Our butter is higher in fat content (86%) and lower in milk solids, which makes it a higher quality creamy butter. The proof is in the deep yellow, all-natural color.  It's the perfect choice for the professional baker or anyone that appreciates high quality ingredients.


Rich and creamy with a hint of salt. Great on anything!


A baker's dream at 86% butterfat and with no salt added.

Cinnamon Sugar

The childhood favorite - takes you back to Grandma's kitchen.

Garlic & Herb

Real minced garlic and a delicious blend of herbs and spices - great on everything from warm bread to a grilled steak!

Honey Sriracha

Sweet and spicy with crushed red pepper flakes - the secret ingredient for perfect hot wings!

Lemon Zest

Great for baking or use it on fish, seafood, or grilled vegetables!

Maple Brown Sugar

Made with 100% New York State Maple Syrup and a touch of brown sugar.