Creamline Milk

Fresh, Local, Natural - Go Back to a Simpler Time...

Creamline Milk

Creamline Milk is milk as it’s meant to be enjoyed! Its rich and luscious natural favor is preserved through minimal processing and takes you back to a simpler time. We bottle our milk directly after pasteurization and eliminate the homogenization process. We don’t homogenize our milk because not only does non-homogenized milk taste better but studies have shown that it can be healthier for you too - and that’s what we’re all about! Just make sure you give it a quick shake before enjoying!

Creamline Whole Milk

Delicious, creamy, and minimally processed to achieve that traditional "cream-on-top" experience

Creamline Chocolate Milk

The classic flavor you enjoyed as a child - made with Grade A whole milk, cocoa, and with hints of vanilla.

Creamline Maple Milk

Grade A whole milk with 100% pure New York State maple syrup

The Adirondack Sugarmaker

Our favorite blend of Grade A Whole Milk, Cold Brew Coffee, and 100% Pure New York State Maple Syrup