Whole Milk Yogurt

Clean Tasting European Style Yogurts

Whole Milk Yogurt

Our whole milk creamline yogurt looks different because it is different!  This simple European style yogurt avoids the stablizers and thickeners that are common in most other yogurts.  The result is a clean tasting, cream-on-top yogurt with a slightly tangy flavor and marbled texture that just needs a quick stir before enjoying.

Plain Whole Milk Yogurt

Made with Grade A milk.

It doesn’t get any simpler…just two ingredients! A very traditional creamline yogurt you will love on its own, with our granola, or in your yogurt-based sauces and dips.

Maple Whole Milk Yogurt

Made with 100% New York State Maple Syrup

Our Creamline yogurt, the very best New York State Maple Syrup, and absolutely nothing else! You might have just found your new favorite!

Vanilla Whole Milk Yogurt

Rich and creamy with a slight tang and a hint of vanilla bean.

Always a customer favorite and sure to please. Our Creamline yogurt, the perfect balance of vanilla warmth and a subtle sweetness, and absolutely nothing else!

Greek Yogurt

Thick, creamy, protein packed, keto-friendly

Simply the best Greek Yogurt in the world! Our yogurt is made in very small batches and crafted to absolute perfection with Old World methods that the big manufacturers could never replicate. Thick, Creamy, Protein Packed, Keto-friendly and loaded with digestive and immune supporting Live Active Cultures. You will not find better anywhere!