Real Ingredients, Tiny Batches, No Preservatives, Simply the Best!


In offering our entire line of hummus, we start with only the very best whole-food ingredients and use only the most quality obsessed methods…this is micro-batch hummus perfection! Preservative free, plant protein packed, and a flavor for every pairing and occasion. 

 Our Classic Hummus is simply the best you’ve ever had, and all of our other hummus are completely our own…you’ve never had anything like them before!

Classic Hummus

Exceptionally creamy and smooth taste.

As with all our hummus, we start with only the very best ingredients and use only the most quality obsessed methods! 

Our creamy and smooth Classic Hummus is packed full of carefully balanced Middle-Eastern character and flavors. This is NOT just another tub on the grocery store shelf!

Black & Blue Hummus

Rich black beans combined with subtle blueberries.

Our Black & Blue Hummus perfectly combines rich and flavorful Black Beans with the juicy sweetness and subtle acidity of Blueberries, Lime, Cilantro and just a hint of Jalapeno heat. This Southwest inspired hummus is sure to become one of your new favorites!

Edamame Everything Hummus

A blend of edamame and everything seasoning.

Who says hummus has to be a Mid-Eastern thing? Our Asian inspired Edamame Everything is re-writing the book! The incredible fresh flavor of Edamame beans meets a perfect complement of sesame, juicy lemon and garlic for a light and bright “hummus” you won’t be able to get enough of!

Red on Red Hummus

Red lentils and roasted red peppers.

Our Red on Red Hummus is smooth, creamy, and bursting with earthy and flavorful goodness. Red Lentils and Roasted Red Peppers are paired beautifully with Lemon, Tahini, Cumin and just a hint of heat for a hummus you will not forget!