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Bread and Butter

Finally, Butter Done Right

Hand crafted for a most exclusive taste.

Black River Valley Natural!

The home of great butter and so many other natural dairy products.

At Black River Valley Natural, we strive to keep the wholesomeness of dairy in all the products we provide. Like you, we have our own families that we love and want to provide the best possible nourishment to. That is why every batch of milk we process is seen as a work of art, something special we can put on our table and present to our guests. We trust you will have the same pleasure in consuming our products.

Hand Crafted Natural Products

We know that goodness is not always measured by the ingredients list. The origin and processing also play a big role so we work with local farms to ensure the best quality straight from the dairy to your doorstep. Our hand crafted products are designed to give you back the natural food you love. Here are some of our offerings.

One taste will tell the difference. Contact us to learn more!

Natural Products, done Amazingly Well!